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Inspiring Fog

'Foggy view; @spasmicallyperfect

‘Foggy view; @spasmicallyperfect The weather channel had already informed me of the charming fact that this week of April was going to present itself from its saddest side, shedding constant tears and hiding away in thick Spring fog. So it…
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Just Silence

Morning Silence @Spasmicallyperfect

Yearning for silence like for an old friend that offers comfort ’cause there is nothing left to explain. Silence that rains ever so gently over my body and cutting out all that doesn’t matter. I’m getting better at it, Silence…
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Focus on Beauty


I started this blog as a testament to all the beauty there is in this world, that often we pass by without noticing, distracted by so many things.  Beauty that sparkles, triggers smiles, is sometimes plain silly but always uplifting….
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