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There are millions of moments in life Most of them pass us by unnoticed Many of them we squander As we desperately cling to the few moments That make us feel alive. Birds fly by my window, Each wing flap…
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Thank You

I have been struggling with confidence issues over the last little while, being unemployed, trying to work towards living my dreams while looking for a job to pay the bills in the meantime. Being alone all day has created negative…
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Sunrise over Lake Ontario

Woke up this morning, somewhere in between excitement and anxiety. It is Monday and with that a new week of opportunities, a new risk of failing. A word slowly emerges from deep within like the sun from behind the horizon,…
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Excel Art

I was just about done updating a spreadsheet when I SAW it. I have been looking at Excel sheets for years, but it never occurred to me that I had the perfect mosaic program in front of me. Instead of…
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