As fresh as possible and a committment to true Italian pizza

I have just got back from a trip to Europe, mostly Italy. Its a country that I have been, growing up in Switzerland, familiar with but as an adult had not yet explored.

Now I am back and like any traveler who lives alone, was greeted by a gapingly empty fridge and pantry. Nothing else left to do than to head to the grocery store and pack the cart.

I have eaten well in Italy (not surprisingly after all it is ITALY!), and by that I am not only referring to the delicious food but more so to the way I ate. I actually ignored the local custom of eating antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolci all at once. Rather than that, I snacked on fresh fruit and other smaller specialties and when dining in a restaurant ordered either a pasta dish, a pizza, or fish with vegetables. I did have some sweets, mostly following my nose into pastry shops or lining up for a gelato once in a while. But all within reason.

My stomach and my body seemed to thank me for it. I felt great, never stuffed, never tired and had lots of energy.

So now I am back in Canada, not the US, but still very heavy in its eating style. And I’ve made a commitment to continue with my choice of foods. Its not about dieting here, but more about buying fresh and local, and knowing what I am putting into my body while remembering the size of my stomach.

Another vow I made while still in Rome and pushing the second bite of Gorgonzola Pizza into my mouth was not to ever ‘insult’ my palate with a North American version of pizza ever again. I’ll eat home made or order one from a REAL Italian restaurant but the PizzaPizza, 241, Domino’s or any other of those chains have just lost me as a customer. Do you know that you can eat an entire 14inch Italian pizza and not feel stuffed? The dough is so thin, the toppings so efficient that you get all the satisfaction without the clogging.

As I unpack my grocery bags it smells of basil, ripe tomatoes, sweet nectarines and fresh fish. I can’t wait to cook lunch. I can’t wait to sprinkle fresh dill and lemon juice on the perch, can’t wait to bite into the al dente green beans with a spoon full of roasted garlic on top. I am no great cook by any means, but I do know how to love and appreciate food.

And that is keeping it as fresh and simple as possible.

Buon appetito!

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