Tired of applying make up? Create a piece of Art instead.

It’s a Saturday morning and I already feel like I am running late. While sipping my soy latte on my couch I realize that truly, there is nowhere I really, really, really need to be today other where I choose to appear. Suddenly, I have a full day of opportunity ahead of me.

I take a long shower, get dressed, blow dry my hair and just love the feeling of being aware, focusing on nothing else but whatever action I am currently taking. I notice the smoothness of my skin as I apply lotion, the shine of my hair while it slowly dries, the slightly painful muscle memory of yesterday’s workout.

Next, I grab the concealer and slowly drag it over the dark rings under my eyes. My fingertips gently smooth out the skin colored paint, my eyes watching them in the small magnifying mirror stuck to the wall. Then the powder brush sprinkles on foundation, just an light dusting like the first winter snow that is falling outside. Out comes my fluff brush and glides across my eyelids, leaving a trail of ‘minimal pink with shadow’ behind.

All of a sudden, my hand stops. I take a step back and notice my face. I notice the three dimensional spaces, clearly defined, like a coloring book for female adults; the crescent between my eye brows and the eye cover fold, the lines around my lips, the elevation of my cheekbones. Slowly, my hand continues to apply the colorful powders, yet the focus has changed. No longer is it about getting this done as quickly as possible, or covering up any distracting blotches.

Instead, I am fully absorbed in the creation of something beautiful. It feels the same as plugging away at one of my mosaics or being on a photo shoot. I am feeling peaceful and focused.

Once I am done, I glance at the watch. Yes, that might have taken one or two minutes longer than usual, but my calm, wondrous mood is worth every extra second spent. Wow, what a difference! I wouldn’t say that my the applied make up really looks much different than usually. However there is a glow that emanates from my entire body, could one almost call it…..well….. true beauty?


  1. darlene

    oh … how i have missed you xoxox

    1. Spaz (Post author)

      Big smile…. yes, it feels great to be back! Thanks D.!

  2. Mark Brown

    Thanks for sharing your moment of beauty spilling over and creating your glow.

    1. Spaz (Post author)

      Very Welcome you are (sorry no clue where Yoda came from all of a sudden….. 😉 ). Thank you for stopping by!


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