A Sarah McLachlan Day

Heavy Rain drops freeing the clouds,
Warm Tears freeing the heart,
It’s a Sarah McLachlan Day……

Celebrating the beauty and talent of human kind,
Remembering that I’m part of that human kind……
Remembering that there’s so much more out there……

The Answer
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Ordinary Miracles
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  1. Samanthamj

    I love Sarah and her music…. She sings like an angel… This was a great post. We should all remember to have a “Sarah Day”..

    1. Spaz (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by S. She does sing like an Angel and her lyrics are great as well. When is your Sarah day going to be? 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Crawford

    Hi again. Love the image and the words. Also love Sarah. One of my favorites can be found here:

    Your image reminds me so much of this song. Thank you,



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