"Visions"Let me take a piece of white ribbon
And tie a clumsy bow around the finger
You’ve got pointed out at me,
Maybe then you’ll stop to think
What you are accusing me of.

You call me naïve, sheltered,
Lacking the life shattering experiences
That would allow me to campaign
For a life lived to it’s fullest,
Filled with love and hope.

You question which planet I live on,
Whether I realize that we are amongst
Pedophiles, Rapists, Murders,
Living in a society that lets our children
Go hungry, sell their bodies, die

You laugh at my speeches about peace
Cause you know that peace isn’t profitable,
You paint me an image of rebel attacks
Mutilating women and children,
Just to see whether I feel ashamed of my words.

I am not.
Cause I can do what you do,
I too can name the injustices of this world,
I too can waste my breath not doing anything about it.
People don’t change without a vision.
And from where I’m standing, I don’t see yours.

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