The Light behind the Shadows

"Light behind the Shadows"

"Light behind the Shadows"I once knew this child
Whose temper was mild
Despite the loud laughter
Of those who were after
Her eccentric views,
Misused to amuse.

She sat alone at times of play
dreaming of a future day
And with very focused look
scribbled in her little book
Truths her open heart collected
Along the path her peers rejected.

While on school days I did never
Sundays we would sit together
As if only then I’d dare
Hearing what she had to share
Like the truth behind all lies
But most of all, her sparkling eyes,

Sparkle blue and green they would
Like no sunlit river could,
Robbing me of sleep at night
Wondering where she got the light.
“Behind the shadows” she would say.
But for years I could not find her way.

‘Til one day I gave up the fight
For her and her internal light.
She then laughed and set me free
From the thing that made me me.
What it left, behind my sorrows,
Was the light behind the shadows.

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