Not a New Start……just another Step

It has been a while.
Since it’s been spasmically perfect I mean.
Love the fact that spasmically still comes up with a squiggly red line below it (guess it hasn’t made it into the dictionary yet). Love the fact that some things don’t change.

Wondered where to start again.
And re-discovered the beauty in where I had left off.
No, it’s no longer the same but the memories still stir wonderful emotions.

I hadn’t stopped writing.
Don’t think I ever could.
Some things don’t change.

But I’ve had my alone time.
I miss the sharing.
Miss my friends.
Miss Spaz,
what she has to say,
how she sees things,
the gems she finds in every day,
simply put:
Her way of Being (and Loving) SPASMICALLYPERFECT.

Love the fact that she does change.


  1. michaelm

    Love the fact that S is blogging again.
    I may not be here alot in the coming days but know that I will be checking up on you.
    Miss you too, kiddo.
    be well,

    1. Spaz

      Any time is a good time for a Guinness….. 😉
      Thanks M.

  2. Elizabeth

    I’m with you, not so much a new beginning as beginning again. Have been doing the PAD Challenge at Poetic Asides. A poem a day through the month of November. Oh, what we don’t know at the beginning could fill a book or even two or three, lol. Just wanted to stop in and say Hi, again,


    1. Spaz

      I’ve always been in awe of people who succeed at tasks like that. Writing something every day every day of the month is hard enough, writing a poem, wow, I say ‘You go Girl!’, and clap my hands in excitement.
      But as you said, we don’t know what’s around the corner and who knows, I might join you next November! Only a few more days to go Elizabeth. Thanks for making time for me in between writing.


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