Nature’s Real Estate

"Nature's Real Estate

We’ve reduced trees to accessorizing our streets,
Where once open fields grew our daily bread
Concrete littered with metal on wheels has taken over,
And nobody seems to mind.

Just a week has passed since my last ride on this train,
Enough time to rip up three football fields of green
Leaving behind a gaping brown wound on which
Heavy machinery keeps scratching deeper, emitting grey clouds.

Why can’t I scream out loud and wake all my fellow passengers
Nauseated by articles about gas prices and global warming that are compressed
Somewhere in between “Dear Jill” and a Britney update,
But then who am I accusing, we’ve all moved to this place.

All of a sudden owning space seems like a crime,
And having grown up with an own room a luxury we no longer can afford,
Not from a financial point of view,
but from one of nature’s real estate.

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