Crimson moon


Where it came from, I do not know
But that’s how it goes with miracles,
They appear in unexpected places
At unannounced times.
Just like the other night
a hint of something special
Was lingering in the summer heat.
Or maybe just the remnants
Of a musical evening and a bottle of wine.

As we walked back to catch the train
Along the lake, beneath the stars
We took our time.
We joked, we laughed or just said nothing,
Watching the flow of life around us
Dancing in the harbor lights.
We paused, sat by the boardwalk,
Leaning against each other
As if that way somehow
We could read each other’s mind
And see into the other’s dreams.

I felt you closer than I ever had before
And for a moment wished you felt the same.
Our eyes reaching out over the lake,
They were safer out there,
At least mine were.
For I could have kissed you then,
Despite or even because of everything.
That one moment in time
It all felt right, it had to be.

And yet I didn’t.
The risk too big, the stakes too high
Left me balancing between
Loving myself and loving you.
I chose myself and set you free
As out into the night you flew.

And as I was
Standing lonely on the pier,
Smiling with a bleeding heart,
I saw the moon rising across the bay,
A perfect circle bleeding back at me.
There was the message, loud and clear,
As tears of eternal gratitude fell,
The moon kept rising through the clouds
And with every inch shone brighter,
Showing me the way.


  1. lolly


    Thank you Lolly. It was a beautiful moment and I am glad I managed to write it up portraying that. There’s another one “Crimson Moon II” that I’ve changed a bit to represent the present.

  2. beyond

    “A perfect circle bleeding back at me.” love that.

    Thank you!


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